Zero Series | The Parkview Museum


《零》系列   Zero series

00   2017   铸铝 aluminium casting   172 x 56 x 102 cm (左 left)

01   2017   铸铝 aluminium casting   168 x 56 x 84 cm (右 right)

02   2017   铸铝 aluminium casting   163 x 77 x 130 cm (中 middle)

关于作品  About the artwork


“我们要开始重新接近大自然的练习,因为人的整个内在就是大自然,当下社会的人们似乎已经忘记了这一点,导致我们的这个时代变得十分狂暴。”   ——保罗·格拉司诺




This is the final artwork in Paolo Grassino's Zero series. “Zero” is the first number, an origin, a symbol of a primal state. This can be extended to the concept of “emptiness,” as well as the opposite concept of “fullness,” in something akin to the Eastern philosophical understanding of “emptiness.” The artist set out from such an understanding in an attempt to convey humanity in a near “zero” state, stripped of any markers of class, identity or gender. Barefoot, they come in direct contact with the floor, which can be understood from the same perspective. Hollowed out faces are overgrown with tree branches, fusing humanity and nature. They seem to be attempting to restore the balance between humanity and nature. Through the Zero series, the artist is criticizing a history of human progress hindered by biased social systems.


“We must begin practicing for a return to nature, because man's interiority is nature. People in today's society seem to have forgotten this, leading to the insanity of our times.”   —Paolo Grassino